*NEW* Partnership Writing Planner

Partnership Writing Planner

We promised! The Partnership Writing Planner has come out on schedule, despite the wild ride we’re all on together. I see you over there hunkering down. Well done!

The Jot It Down! Planner has been wildly successful! 

Next up: Partnership Writing!  🎉

Our NEW Partnership Writing Planner provides:

  • Clarity about how to implement Brave Writer programs and the Brave Writer Lifestyle. Check!
  • Support for planning ahead. Check!
  • Tools to keep track of good work and writing skill development. Check!

No matter what kind of homeschooler you are, we’ve heard you and are offering those of you in the Partnership Writing stage a brand new tool to help you be an even more confident, effective parent-educator.

Each Partnership Writing project has a custom designed Week in Focus Planner and Writing Skills Tracker.

The Week in Focus Planner helps

  • weave Brave Writer Lifestyle activities into your week 
  • schedule oral language practices: memorization, narration, and word play
  • plan daily activities for the writing project of the month

The Writing Skills Tracker provides

  • checklists to note basic and project-specific writing skills 
  • a word bank of academic vocabulary 
  • a space to incorporate that language into a short narrative about your child’s learning experience

NOTE: If you purchased Partnership Writing or the Partnership Writing bundle before 3/16/2020, you’ll need to purchase the Planner a la carte. Follow this link for more details.

Partnership Writing Planner

Want to learn more? Watch this recorded broadcast.

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