“Less is More” Checklist

"Less is More" Checklist
Boad game pictured: Carcassonne

Which are you? A “less is more” or a “more is more” person?

I’m the latter who daily reminds herself to do less, that my less leads to more: more satisfaction, more ease, more peace, less clutter, less striving, less frazzled and self-defeating.

Whenever you need to ease into homeschooling (after the holidays or a vacation or a busy season of life) then you should feel free to test the “less is more” theory of learning.

I’ve made a SHORT list below (less is more!) to help you. The list covers:

  • reading,
  • science,
  • history,
  • literature,
  • math,
  • handwriting,
  • original writing, and
  • following directions.
Less is More Checklist

This is enough for a whole month—in fact, pick one day a week for games, and you’ve got it!

Imagine the rabbit trails from a library visit alone. And baking and cooking lead to chemistry and math lessons in real life (Quick tip: read PIE by Sarah Weeks and bake the pies from each chapter).

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