Homeschool Alliance: March 2020

Homeschool Alliance March 2020

We’ll wrap up The Brave Learner Book Club by thinking about our roles as parents, educators, and whole people. Let’s explore the impact of our expectations on

  • ourselves,
  • our kids, and
  • our homeschooling.

Are our expectations reasonable? How do we hang onto our own sanity as we deal with our kids’ challenges and needs? How is our personal development an ingredient in homeschooling? How can homeschooling be an opportunity to expand our horizons? 

Join us for the Homeschool Alliance webinar, “Awesome Adulting—Embracing our Limits, Expanding our Horizons,” at 7 pm est, March 10, 2020, as we contemplate and celebrate you—the brave learner!

And just for fun…

Invite friends to watch the webinar live with you in March!

Consider it a part of a Moms’ Night Out or Parents’ Night In— a chance to host good conversation and to explore the Alliance together. 

Expand your horizons while homeschooling by creating your own support network right where you live! 

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