Homeschool Alliance: February 2020

The Invisible Education

Family dysfunction has the power to sideline learning. Homeschoolers are not immune to the problems that all families face, and in fact, some grown homeschoolers have been public about challenges they faced growing up.

I get questions about all kinds of challenges to homeschool:

  • divorce
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • rage
  • alcoholism
  • chronic underemployment

Physical illness, mental health problems, financial problems, infidelity, divorce, and abuse can occur in all families, regardless of the way the children are educated.

An “invisible education” provides the backdrop, the context, for homeschooling, whether the emotional “weather” at home is positive or negative.

  • How do we learn to tell ourselves the truth about how our family is functioning?
  • Can we homeschool in some “right” way so we know we are doing enough to keep our kids safe and make them successful?
  • How do we manage any damage and move forward more positively? 

I’m eager to share with you ways you can enhance the nurturing and health of your family. Come spend time with us this month so we can help your unique situation.

Join us for the Homeschool Alliance webinar, “The Invisible Education,” at 7 pm, February 18, 2020.

Your children deserve parents who are well and able to give the gifts of presence and love.

The Homeschool Alliance

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