Homeschool Alliance: January 2020


If you’re like most parents, it’s easy to read the word homeschool like this:  


Rather than:


  • How do you put the home back into your homeschool so everyone is happy yet learning too?
  • Is there a trick to setting up your home to be more manageable (CHORES!) and convenient for home education?
  • What does it mean to promote an “atmosphere of learning” at home?

Join us in the Homeschool Alliance for January’s Brave Learner Book Club where we’ll take on House-schooling—how to recruit your home to help you educate—plus, chores!

Alliance director Jeanne Faulconer will present “Let Your House Do the Homeschooling” for our webinar (7 pm ET, January 15, 2020).

Consider how to set up your home so it

  • works for home education,
  • minimizes prep for learning,
  • and helps children help themselves to learning materials and experiences.

Get ideas for the reality of having kids “use” your home all the time, coping with wear and tear, and providing a home front which works for real homeschooling families. 

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