Be a Student of Your Student

Be a Student of Your Student

Number one job: learn your kids.

Get to know their:

  • habits,
  • preferences,
  • natural inclinations,
  • what they love,
  • what they hate,
  • what lights them up,
  • what dims their shine.

When you are frustrated by a child’s lack of enthusiasm or energy or commitment, step back and observe. See what’s standing in the way. Being a detective is part of homeschooling so count it. It’s not off task or adjacent. It IS the task.

The better you know your REAL child (the one in front of you), the better the education you can offer that child.

It’s okay to take notes, to consult with your kid.

  • How was that for you?
  • More of this?
  • Less of that?
  • What else do you need to feel successful?

Give yourself time and permission to understand your child’s needs rather than feeling invalidated by them.

You can do it! I believe in you.

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