Imagine Your Children Turn Out Well

Imagine your children turn out well

How would you treat your kids today if you knew your children would grow up to thrive and find their way? What if you could be sure they’d turn out?

How would you react to struggle? Childish antics?

If one of your kids wasn’t “getting it” yet (reading, phonics, algebra, French, tying shoes, potty training), would it change how you behaved toward your child if you knew the end of the story? That your child will get it?

Imagine that the end is secure. See how that reassurance reshapes the worry and expectations.

Even though each of us as adults looks back with a wish to have been better at something, we can also say that we got somewhere grown up, capable of a great many things. Your kids will too—because that’s how conscientious you are and how capable they are.

Just for today: live from that confidence. Let it lead you and your interactions with your kids. See what new space opens in your relationships when you come from a place of belief in your children’s inherent intelligence and ability—that their eventual success is a given.

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