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The Homeschool Alliance: Read, Experience, Encounter

Ever have that feeling of disorientation when you discover that what you thought you “knew” turned out to be inaccurate or incomplete?

I was just in New Zealand for a series of conferences. They drive on the right side of the road. Every time I stepped off the curb, I forced myself to look in the correct direction to be sure no cars were coming, but my brain led me to involuntarily double check the other direction because I couldn’t accept that no one would be coming—decades of habit are hard to overturn in a two week period of time.

When we learn, we learn in such a way that our minds organize the material so that it makes sense to us. We categorize what we see and experience. We make rapid-fire observations and with equal speed, form snap-judgments.

This happens whether we are slurping hot chocolate (and expecting a certain taste—if the milk is sour, we know it right away; if the chocolate is overdone, we scrunch our faces to show the bitterness we weren’t anticipating) or meeting a well-loved celebrity (and grappling with all the ways that person does or doesn’t match our previous mental image).

In October in the Homeschool Alliance we’re looking at “growing a mind”—how to facilitate depth in learning through

  • reading,
  • experiencing, and
  • encountering.

I’ll take us on a journey to look at the difference between scholastic study versus immersion to the extent that you are changed by what you’re learning.

We’ll learn about how we learn and grow by engaging in three different processes (these are processes I’ve designed that we use in many of our online classes). We’ll do one per week following the webinar on October 8.

We’ll do the activities first as adults and then talk about how to use them with your kids.  

It will be an amazing month of growth, fresh insight, and self-awareness. Join us!

Upcoming Webinar

  • Brave Learner Book Club: Read, Experience, Encounter, Oct 8, 2019 7 PM ET

Hope to see you in the Homeschool Alliance!

The Homeschool Alliance

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