The Challenge of Teaching Writing

The Challenge of Teaching Writing

No matter how many miles I travel, every group of home educators I meet can talk a noisy blue streak about how challenging it is to teach writing.

They say similar stuff:

  • it’s too subjective,
  • their kids’ hands hurt,
  • they lack confidence in their own writing so how can they teach it?
  • there are tears,
  • their kids can’t think of anything to write,
  • the parents feel appalled by messy handwriting or so many spelling errors.

On and on goes the list.

Often when I’m speaking, I invite parents to share with each other, and suddenly the room erupts in animated conversation, laughter, and commiseration!

It’s worth asking: why?! Why is this the case? Does it need to be? I say an emphatic “No” and then we talk about it.

If you find teaching writing difficult then you’re not alone, and you’re in the right place! Here are some suggestions:

Take advantage of the Brave Writer website, blog, and YouTube channel. They’re filled with helpful tips and resources. If you’re brand new start here.

Download our 7-Day Writing Blitz for an introduction to how painless teaching writing can be!

And feel free to email us ( with any questions.

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