Poetry Teatime: No Right Way

Poetry Teatime: No Right Way

One of the things I learned for Poetry Teatime is to keep scone and muffin mixes handy. They were easy to whip together, and they felt like home baking. Even though they’re not.

I’ll tell you a funny story. When I lived in Morocco, I had to bake and cook everything from scratch.

When I returned to the states, it was a point of pride with me. I would make pie from scratch! I would bake bread. I would make scones without a mix. I was one of THOSE homeschool moms.

And then, one day, I noticed a yummy vanilla cake mix. I succumbed and bought it. The results were so dreamy I thought “What have I been doing?!” I was a new convert. And just like that, I went on a hunt for the best mixes for teatime.

So feel free to make Poetry Teatime as easy or elaborate as you’d like. There’s no right way to do it.

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