Blog Roundup: August 2019 Edition

Brave Writer Lifestyle Blog Roundup

Welcome to the latest Brave Writer blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families use Brave Writer products and practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

How to Teach Your Teens to Write for the Real World – Kay (Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling)

“I’ve realized writing for teens should be about more than just essays. We can teach our teens to write for the real world.” Read more.

What’s the BIG DEAL about Brave Writer?!? – Ashley (The Homeschool Resource Room) interviews Dachelle of Hide the Chocolate.

“Brave Writer: it’s a buzzword in homeschool circles. A highly recommended writing program and die hard fans call it a lifestyle. But what is the Brave Writer lifestyle? And what’s the big deal? Read on to take a look into the life of a homeschool mom of three living the Brave Writer Lifestyle.” Read more.

Look Inside Brave Writer Jot it Down – Jessica (The Waldock Way)

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