*NEW* Class: Songwriting

Songwriting Online Class for Kids

It surprises me every time it happens. A song comes on the radio from 20 years ago. Or 30 years ago! And I know every. single. word. 

What is it about MUSIC? We respond with so much emotion, so much vigor, so much enthusiasm. 

If only our kids reacted that way to our writing curriculum, right? Well, check out our NEW CLASS designed to do just that: Songwriting

Embrace the HARMONY between music and writing. Songs and school may sound like polar opposites, but not so! 

Look at the common elements between writing, poetry, and lyrics:

  • Engaging word choices
  • Rhythm
  • Imagery
  • Metaphor
  • Syntax
  • Alliteration and Repetition
  • Theme

We wanted an online class to give your budding songwriters a chance to shine! They will be WRITING! 

Students will

  • Discover how powerful language links poetry and songwriting
  • Engage critical-thinking skills as they relate to songwriting
  • Learn all the songwriting lingo: chorus, hook, bridge, refrain
  • Create and revise an original song

Your kids will hum and toe-tap their way to powerful writing! Join us!

Songwriting Online Class for Kids

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