Arrow Book Club: September 2019

Arrow Book Club

Don’t tell your kids: the book club experience at Brave Writer isn’t just about having fun reading and chatting with new friends online. The deep reading experience we offer includes benefits your child doesn’t even know they’re getting!

Close reading of quality literature 

  • encourages kids’ brains to understand sequence via story structure and plot,
  • expands their attention spans, and
  • increases white matter in the language areas of the brain.

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Get in on the action with September’s Arrow selection (ages 9-12):

The Wild RobotPeter Brown. Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016. 288 pages.

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown is NOT about a robot GONE wild, but a robot IN the wild. When Roz the Robot finds herself stranded on an island, she develops unexpected relationships with the local inhabitants. As she learns to survive in an environment she was not built for, she creates connections and community. A robot with a big heart, Roz’s search for meaning will create plenty of opportunities to discuss friendship, family, the blending of nature and technology, and so much more.

Brave Writer online book clubs provide

  • thought-provoking questions,
  • engagement with one of Brave Writer’s talented writing coaches, and
  • a safe place to have interactions online about a common interest: books! 

Plus: Book Clubs are our best value: lowest tuition, lots of writing! ($99.00 for a month)

Arrow Book Club

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