Homeschool Alliance: August 2019

Think Like a Writer

Applying the Superpowers: Think Like a Writer

The Brave Learner reveals techniques for treating our kids like real writers. As part of The Brave Learner Book Club in the Homeschool Alliance, let’s dive deeper into how homeschooling parents can create the growth atmosphere professional writers seek—for our own kids!

We’ll look at the practices the pros use to support one another in writing workshops, and we’ll talk about how to implement those practices in classes, homeschooling, and beyond.

  • How do Brave Writer’s coaches bring out the “real writer” in their students?
  • How can parents extend that experience as they support their young writers?
  • How does Brave Writer’s approach relate to essays and college prep writing? 

Kirsten Merryman, director of Brave Writer’s online instruction, will lead our webinar this month, sharing strategies for encouraging both reluctant and willing writers to take risks and grow. 

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