A Sneaky Way to Encourage Writing

Here’s a question. Do your kids read English language textbooks for fun? I didn’t think so! 

So why do we think they’d like to learn to write that way? Steps, rules, and dry, boring topics. 

Let’s embrace what they love READING to help them in WRITING! It makes sense!

  • In their beach bag: Percy JacksonHarry PotterLord of the Rings.
  • Stacked on their bedside table: Hunger GamesTwilightDivergent.
  • On the family camping trip: well-worn copies of Fangirl and Eleanor & Park.

Their enchantment is our roadmap! So let’s get on board! We’ve got this port of entry set up for you with two online writing classes this summer:

Fan Fiction

  • Only offered once a year.
  • THE class for pop culture junkies—they can write about books, TV and movies too.
  • All the traditional elements of story-writing with a nontraditional muse!

Our instructor, Susanne Barrett, has a cult following for her published fan fiction AND a graduate degree in British literature and poetry. (How’s that for the wondrous colliding of worlds? Only at Brave Writer, I tell you!)

Writing a Greek Myth

  • Myths set the stage for EPIC storytelling!
  • Familiar characters and setting make an easy entry to story writing.
  • The gods—they’re just like us! Use tools like character profiles to inform your story.
  • Create a modern god who rules over today’s world or a story of your own devising!

See what students say:

I now know that if you have good ideas, you can write anything! – Joshua

I love Greek and Roman mythology. Now I can think of all the gods and goddesses and write a story in my head. Then I can tell it around the campfire or even at a sleepover. My friends would love to take this class and I can’t wait to tell them about it. – Gracie

I’ve gotten way more confident with sharing my ideas and writing. In addition to this, my grammar has improved a lot and so has my understanding of what it means to be an author. – Althea

Fiction writing feeds directly into the academic writing your kids will do in high school and college.

When a writer helps us care about a protagonist, that makes it easier to convince us to care about a thesis in a persuasive essay later on. And those inciting incidents that kick off the action in a fiction piece also serve as strong opening hooks in an academic paper.

Transfer of skills is everywhere! No time spent developing writing skills is wasted.

Register for a Fiction Class!

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