Make Grammar Work for YOU, not the Other Way Around!

Make Grammar Work for YOU, not the Other Way Around!

How to Build a Sandcastle:

  1. Gather 2 cubic feet of sand, free of debris
  2. Acquire a small blue pail and a purple 9-inch shovel
  3. Determine your water source and proximity to building site (beware of tides)
  4. Mix water and sand to the ratio of…

Wait… isn’t this how you learned? Of course not!

As parents, we know that despite certain “rules” to building a sandcastle, kids just need to get their hands dirty. Experiment. Play. 

As homeschoolers, we know that kids play to learn. We encourage them to learn organically! Except, I’ve noticed, when it comes to GRAMMAR.

When it comes to teaching grammar, we often stick hard and fast by the rules. In fact, we’ve been so ingrained with the rule-based system that we don’t even know HOW to play with grammar anymore. 

That’s why our Groovy Grammar Workshop is so popular! Families come to us for that playful connection to organic learning. 

  • Kids discover patterns and relationships between words that make the ‘rules’ true.
  • Instead of sentence diagramming, we play! Like building sandcastles—with words!
  • Words spring to life in fresh ways, which makes kids curious about grammar. 
  • What they learn this summer shapes grammatical understanding for the year ahead.

The best part? The whole family gets enrolled in this class for one low price! 

Your child isn’t sitting alone at a computer or with a workbook memorizing grammar rules. Activities are done all together as a family, then you, the parent, check in with our writing coach at your convenience.

You can even do it at the beach! 

Take your kids on a vacation from rule-based language arts! It’s the season for learning in a playful, experimental way.

Join us in Groovy Grammar Workshop!

Find out how our online classes work (including instructions on how to log in to our sample classroom) here

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