Arrow Book Club: August 2019

Got big readers at home this summer, devouring library books one by one? We’ve got a way to make those books last a little longer! A book club!

Save yourself the hassle of hosting though! We’ve got it all laid out for you.

Log in to the Brave Writer classroom and find:

  • enthusiastic conversationalists—all reading the same book
  • thought-provoking questions and discussion points
  • exposure to diverse opinions, new friends to be made!
  • a writing coach moderating the discussion and providing activities
  • opportunities to dig deep in the parts of the book that fascinated them

All you need to do is provide the snacks!

Plus class tuition includes a free copy of the Arrow guide based on the book.

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Next up in our Arrow Book Club (ages 9-12) is a favorite: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien! 

The story centers on an unusual group of rats with the ability to solve even the most puzzling problems—and a mouse with a perplexing problem to solve. With the threat of the farmer’s plow looming, Mrs. Frisby must find a way to keep her son, Timothy, warm and safe while he recovers from his illness. Can the extraordinary Rats of NIMH help her?

Here’s our little secret. Our book clubs are a wonderful sneaky way to draw out the writer. They think they’re chatting with new friends online. You know they’re gearing up for September!

Arrow Book Club

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