Summer Writing Classes: Activity Ideas

Brave Writer Online Classes

Brave Writer’s online classes make for celebrated summer memories! Are you waiting to get started?

Your experience with Brave Writer isn’t confined to the 3-6 weeks of class time. We’ll teach you how to engage your kids— beforeduring, and after your class.

We’ve listed a slew of ideas below for you!

Sign up for a class that starts in a week or two, then try a few of the activities to get even MORE excitement and learning in with your kids!

Pre-Class Activity Ideas

Ready? Summer writing was never more enjoyable!

Middle School Writing Projects Embrace the power of in-person saturation in a topic! Go to the ACTUAL brick and mortar library (I know!) and:

  • Browse—pull books related to the topic.
  • Explore—move two shelves over—what’s there? Two shelves down?
  • Immerse yourself for the afternoon. Curiosity sparked!

Expository Essay: Exploratory and Persuasive Controversy is everywhere! Teens don’t know it’s the foundation of persuasive essay writing—you do!

  • Type in a topic like “sports” into a search engine. What comes up? 
  • NOW, type in “sports + controversy” — and stand back!
  • Search for the controversy in every topic: rock climbing, Fortnite, chewing gum. 
  • Proceed to Big Juicy Conversations galore!

Movie Discussion Club Time to snuggle up with our movie selection! Make the experience inviting for your kids! 

  • During your next trip to the store, pick up different types of popcorn.
  • Do a taste testing at home and find your favorite!
  • By the way, your kids will remember this… FOREVER.

Get the biggest bang for your buck! Prime the pump with our engaging activity ideas, take a class, then print out class PDFs to continue the writing activities at home. 

You’ve got a whole summer full of fun and writing waiting for you!

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