Middle School Writing Projects

Middle School Writing Projects

Got a middle grader who is stuck in a writing rut?

We’ve got the class for you: Middle School Writing Projects!

This online class was designed to let your kids take the writing risks they crave. 

Students pick their own project type
Fact Book, “How-to” Report, Newspaper Article, One-Page Narration, or PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation.

Our writing coach shows them the principles behind their chosen project type and offers them writing strategies to fulfill their goal.

Students choose their own topic
Terracotta warriors, the brain and music, dogs and health, Hermione Granger, Australian wildlife, how to write a comic. You name it!

Our writing coach demonstrates how to narrow the topic appropriately, collect information, and mold raw material into a finished product.

We love a deep dive here at Brave Writer!

Our Middle School Writing Projects class offers

  • an introduction to writing formats
  • immersion into a topic kids love
  • short bursts of writing to keep motivation high
  • academic practices like planning, revising, editing
  • experience doing research and taking notes

What students say:

I love how we were allowed to choose whatever we wanted because it really makes a difference if we love what we write since we are more fired up by the topic. – Brooklyn

During this class I have really understood how to make a non-fiction article! – Selah

I wasn’t much of a writer before this class and to me writing was just getting my point across to the other person. Now, writing has more depth and has new beauty. – Alana

Your student will take the reins in our Middle School Writing Projects class—with all the same support and feedback you expect from a Brave Writer class. A perfect pairing!

Middle School Writing Prompts

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