Journey Into the Past

Penning the Past online writing class

Got a child obsessed with

  • American Girl books?
  • Magic Tree House?
  • Civil War battles?
  • WWII facts?

We have an online writing class for you! Take Penning the Past!

Historical fiction is enchanting to kids. Now they have a chance to try their hand at this fascinating genre.

You’ll be surprised how well non-fiction and fiction blend together to engage even your most reluctant writers!

Why is historical fiction a great entry point to creative writing?

Many of the story elements are READY before they start! The setting, conflict, even the characters might be something your kids already have imagined.

ENTHUSIASM is built in! This is your child’s chance to take that historical event they’re obsessed with and run with it!

Parameters associated with historical fiction (time, place, etc.) act as GUIDANCE for your writers. Having a ‘container’ in which to develop their stories actually gives them more to write about!

Students build ACADEMIC SKILLS as they research. The differences between primary and secondary sources, accuracy and editing their work all come into play.

This class is a fantastic compliment to TRAVEL. Follow up a family trip with a deep dive into the world they’ve been visiting! 

See what students say:

Thank you so much for this amazing class! You have really helped me to grow as a writer! Thank you for the new experience! – Abby 

I have not been to Pompeii, but I visited a travelling exhibition last month at the Australian National Maritime Museum showing some of the Pompeii artifacts. It was so interesting to see their real jewelry, strongbox, bread, other food, bowls etc. I was able to feel connected with the people and life at that tragic time. – Manu

Allow your child to be TRANSPORTED to another place and time with Historical Fiction


Penning the Past

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