Two Kinds of Driving

Your Ticket to Adventure

There are two kinds of driving in homeschool.

One: driving to the supermarket, Target, IKEA, the dentist, Home Depot, the pharmacy, Staples.

Two: driving to a park, the woods, the library, the zoo, a museum, soccer, skiing, the theater, a friend’s house, the beach, botanical gardens, an ice cream shop…

See the difference?

First category: distances should be short; time spent, also short. Don’t pile on and visit four in a row. Save some trips for solo outings (no kids). You might use Amazon and skip driving to stores sometimes.

Second category: boredom busters—they help kids transcend the life-locked feeling of four walls closing in. They expand your children’s world. They’re also great for Big, Juicy Conversations.

Possible Danger

Don’t use up all your car travel time on errands. Otherwise you may create resistance against longer trips to the really cool stuff (mountains, oceans, fossils, observatory, wild animal park, historic sites).

Remember, your car can be your ticket to adventure!

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