When Should You Make a Change?

When Should You Make a Change

When watching your kid struggle is more painful than learning a new foreign-to-you strategy, you’ll change course.

When the fear of losing your intimate connection with your teen is scarier than accepting your teen’s scary interests, you’ll change course.

When swallowing the abuse hurled at you daily makes you sicker than setting boundaries and keeping them, you’ll change course.

When hiding what you actually believe is more damaging to your personal integrity than admitting your truth and losing your friends, you’ll change course.

When the way things are is too costly to your well-being than the way things could be if you blew up your life to expand your choices, you’ll change course.

When you discover that you’re not trapped and all options are on the table (even the taboo, unthinkable ones), you’ll bravely, slowly, crawl with a whispered voice…and change course.

No one changes course until the tipping point. It’s okay if the tipping point hasn’t yet tipped. Be patient. You’ll know when you know. You’ll move in the direction of your hope and release at the right time for you.

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