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Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique and Analysis

Looking for a winning move?

Join our Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique and Analysis online class this spring!

Essay writing is not only about essay formats. Likewise, chess is not only about the checkered board and black and white pieces.

There’s more to both games!

Yes—it’s essential to know the rules of the game, but it’s how the players (writers) apply their unique skills to those rules that makes chess (and writing) powerful to experience and exciting to watch/read!

Check it out:

RISK. Making a bold move/offering a bold perspective.

CREATIVITY. Surprising the opponent/reader with an unexpected move/view.

IMAGINATION. Picturing the opponent’s behavior/reader’s perspective and matching it.

Essay writing is a creative, strategic act!

Just like the mind of the chess player drives the action on the board, it’s the mind of the writer that unleashes powerful insight in the game of academic writing.

Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique & Analysis

To read and write rhetorically means to

  • Extract meaning from complicated texts
  • Be deliberately open to a wide variety of viewpoints
  • Understand how word choice can elicit a reaction or persuade the reader
  • Recognize how images shape a message or appeal to emotion

Don’t remember covering this in school? That’s because most traditional writing classes focus on the “rules of the game,” not the strategy to go with playing.

Deciding what to do with your ‘chess pieces’ takes a little risk. Some imagination. Creativity. Collaboration with a seasoned essay writer helps. Good news—Brave Writer has a space where your teen can play with all of that!

In Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique and Analysis, students will

  • Write summaries, drawn from complex topics
  • Consider differences in purpose, genre, and audience when writing
  • Learn to uncover deeper levels of thought and analysis
  • Examine the literary choices authors make
  • Practice critiquing a piece of text
  • Develop visual literacy skills by analyzing images

Your teens will write two essays:

  1. Summary/strong response essay
  2. Image analysis

Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique and Analysis is the ultimate endgame for your school year! Teens will finish strong with this offering! Sign up now for our session starting April 29.

Note: This course is designed for high school students between 10th–12th grades. Students should already have some experience with academic formats.

Expository Essay

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