Blog Roundup: March 2019 Edition

Brave Writer Blog Roundup

Welcome to the latest Brave Writer blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families use Brave Writer products and practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

How to Give Your Kids a Delightful Enchanted Education – Alicia Hutchinson (Learning Well)

My definition [of an Enchanted Education] is this: giving your kids enough space in their day that is unstructured, free, unplanned so that they can find what they really love, do what they are interested in and let their minds grow organically. It’s all about adding mystery, curiosity, creativity, and imagination into their everyday. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plan or do anything at all.

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Jane Yolen Poetry Teatime – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

Dinosaurs, tea bag cookies, poetry organizers and lots of laughter filled our Jane Yolen Inspired Poetry Teatime this month.

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How We Freed Our Language Arts Program to Become Brave Writers – Kelly (Hope in the Chaos)

When we first began homeschooling my natural tendency was to teach the kids the way I was taught. Separating classes by subject, focusing on tests and grades, and surrounding the kids with textbooks was what I knew and what felt right… until of course, it didn’t. Until I realized that we were no freer in our homeschool then we were in the public school system. Worse, the results we were seeing were eerily similar. My kids could pass a test, but they couldn’t apply what they had learned. They could fill in a worksheet, but the information was meaningless. They weren’t learning so much as treading water in an effort to stay afloat.

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How to Introduce Editing for Kids without Ugly Crying – Bethany Ishee

You didn’t see it coming. You merely suggested that maybe the piece of writing your child had been working on could use a final polishing up. The grammar and mechanics could use a little work, and you never thought it would lead to such defensiveness. However, editing for kids is serious and personal business.

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Our Homeschool Weeks in Review – Kristina (Blossom & Root)

Right now, my life is consumed with highlighters, red pens, stacks of printed pages, and piles and piles of books. I am up to my eyebrows in final edits for our second grade curriculum, as well as a dozen different Book Seed issues. I love the madness of creation, and I even love the tedium of the editing process. But it’s called for a temporary shift in every other aspect of my world, including homeschooling.

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Kids Love Learning with the Brave Writer Lifestyle – Bronwyn (Hustle & Homeschool)

Why did you decide to start homeschooling? Everyone has their own reasons for homeschooling. One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling is that it makes learning a part of everyday life. We get to help our kids get a meaningful education! But, especially for parents who went to traditional schools, it can be hard to figure out how to do this and not slip into doing “school at home”. This is where the Brave Writer Lifestyle comes in! You can transform your homeschool by utilizing the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

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