The Brave Learner Audiobook

The Brave Learner: Audiobook

Once upon a time, in November 2018, I spent 40 hours holed up in a recording studio. I was armed with throat lozenges, thermoses of warm tea, and the desire to talk to my favorite people.

The result? The Brave Learner Audiobook: 10 hours read aloud by yours truly!

The audiobook version of The Brave Learner is the perfect portable companion. Pop your earbuds in and listen during a walk, while doing household chores, or when you’re traveling (no earbuds in the car, though— please be safe!).

I’m a big fan of audiobooks when I don’t have the time (or hands!) to settle in and turn physical pages.

So, all that to say: I hope the audiobook version of The Brave Learner is a helpful resource for you, and for your friends. Check it out!

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P.S. If you’ve already purchased the Kindle version of The Brave Learner, you can get the Audible audiobook for the reduced price of $8.49.

P.P.S. The audiobook is FREE with a 7-day trial of Audible.

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