Playing with Poetry: Exploration

Playing with Poetry: Exploration

Is that September curriculum feeling stale? Are you desperate for a break, but “can’t afford” to take time off? Feel like you’ve tried everything with your unconventional learner?

Shake things up and embark on an adventure while never leaving the hallowed grounds of home education with (drum roll, please)…


Yes, poetry! Stay with me.

Playing with poetry offers the whole family (you included!) a chance to experiment with writing in a low-risk, yet totally new and exciting environment.

MYSTERY and ADVENTURE are essential embers that light a love for learning. Fan those embers into flames with our popular online writing class: Playing with Poetry: Exploration!

What you can expect:

  • Friendly feedback & partnership from writing coach Susanne Barrett (MA in Poetry).
  • No assumptions: you don’t need know anything about poetry or even like it! We’ve got you covered.
  • Hand-picked poems and resources sure to trigger delight.
  • A month off from writing assignment planning. (Yay!) It’s all done for you!
  • A paradigm shift between you and your kids as you learn together!

Did you know: students who struggle with writing often find their stride with poetry (especially kids with dysgraphia and dyslexia)!

What parents are saying about Playing with Poetry:

I thought that poetry writing was hard to teach. [T]urning in the basic assignments and reading Susanne’s feedback was enough to produce a life changing experience. — Elizabeth

All the kids in the family are working on the same thing, regardless of age, and it is such a treat to be a student with them, rather than a teacher. This class has been a great kick-start for me in realizing how much more fun we all have when we write together. — Deanna

It really helped me get some of the inspiration and connection back into learning with my children that I had lost. Seriously, by focusing only on one aspect in depth (poetry), we’ve covered some math, social studies, history, writing, spelling, computer and internet skills. — Anne

 Academic benefits of studying poetry include:

  • Encouraging linguistic dexterity
  • Development of an intuitive ear for nuanced language
  • Appealing to the senses
  • Experimentation in learning

Does poetry feel a little risky, like you’re standing with your toes hanging off the edge of the pool diving board? We invite you to dive into the poetry pool—the water’s fine!

Playing with Poetry: Exploration

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