Brave Writer Podcast: Getting Wild + Free with Greta Eskridge

Brave Writer Podcast: Wild + Free

First, thank you for being part of the confetti cannon of congratulations I’ve received from The Brave Learner’s release—it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of a week! Your enthusiasm is truly treasured.

Next on my agenda? I’m headed to the Wild + Free Conference in Frisco, Texas. Speaking of which…

Today’s podcast guest—Greta Eskridge—has worked with Wild + Free for over seven years. When I met Greta we had an instant connection—she’s a kindred spirit for sure!

Greta lives in Southern California (where I grew up). Aside from being a go-getter creative entrepreneur (seriously, she does it all!), Greta loves writing, reads voraciously, and is perhaps best known for her deep passion for nature.

Listen to today’s episode to learn:

  • The benefits of just ONE hour a WEEK in nature.
  • Greta’s tips for sparking a joyful nature experience, even with littles in tow!
  • What it’s like being a second-generation homeschooler.
  • And much more!

Show Notes

Wild + Free

Wild + Free started as an Instagram account, quickly growing into an entire online community of mothers and homeschoolers who want their children to not only receive a quality education, but also to experience the adventure, freedom, and wonder of childhood.

It’s not confined to one particular type of homeschooling, and that’s one of the best things about it! It’s a passionate group of creative women driving a new style of educating kids, and teaching each other along the way. They’re flipping the script of conventional homeschooling – and we at Brave Writer are so happy to be a part of that movement!

We can be about thinking deeply, we can share our experiences, we can share the evolving insight that we get as home educators, and we can all be better for it.

Brave Writer Podcast: Wild + Free

Second-Generation Homeschooling

Greta loved being homeschooled growing up, and she’s incredibly grateful to now be a second-generation homeschooler. There is a sense of peace that comes with personal experience, and Greta says she’s less afraid of how her kids will navigate college and careers because she was able to do it. “It doesn’t mean I am never overwhelmed or wonder if I am doing a good job. But when I feel those things, I can always look to my own experience and find comfort in knowing how much good I experienced as a homeschool student.”

And from a very early age, Greta knew she would homeschool her children. “In fact, when I first started dating my husband at age 18, I told him I planned to homeschool and if he wasn’t interested in that we probably shouldn’t date!” He said he was fine with that, of course, and they got married four years later.

Before she had kids, Greta was actually a high school English teacher in a public school. She loves teaching, she loves kids, and she loves literature, so it was the perfect fit – “Except for the fact that I felt the limitations of teaching 150 students. I couldn’t meet all their needs. Plus I was limited by what the school district and the state said I had to teach. I longed for something different for my own kids.”

Even with all her experience, Greta still struggles to meet all of her children’s needs sometimes, just like the rest of us. “But I relish the freedom I have to be the boss of my own school, to set my own standards and curriculum, and to let my students needs and interests drive their learning.”

Brave Writer Podcast: Wild + Free

Greta’s Advice for Homeschoolers

  • Remember your why. When doubts, fatigue, frustration, or loneliness creep in, remember your why.
  • Be the boss of your school! No one knows your kids better than you do. Don’t let fear govern your decisions. Instead, if you know something is right or wrong for your child, follow your intuition and let their needs and interests steer their learning.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The flip side of being the boss is acknowledging you can’t do everything well. When your child needs something that someone else does better than you, get that person on your team!
  • Let things go. This is crucial to your success as a homeschooler. What you have to let go of is different for each of us: a perfectly clean house, no technology, home made dinners every night, early readers, getting into that one college…. Whatever it is, adjust your expectations when needed for the health and happiness of your children, your spouse, and yourself.


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