Natural Stages of Growth: Early Writers

Children are writers before they can handwrite!

Do you know your child is a writer well before she can handwrite? We do! Early writers are in the natural stages of growth in writing we call Jot It Down and Partnership Writing.

Perhaps you saw our recent webinar on the natural stages of growth. If not, watch it here!

Early writers are bursting with stories about anything from the report about the dog who just ate your shoe to their recap of how they built the latest LEGO masterpiece. When you capture these ideas in writing, you show your kids their thoughts have value and are worthy of sharing with others. An author is born!

In addition to following your child around with pen and paper in hand, ready to write down their precious utterances, how else can you foster the craft of these budding writers? Story Switcheroo and Telling Tales to the rescue! In these family classes (sign up as many children as you want for one low price), we guide you, the parent, through a series of delightful writing activities centered around beloved

  • fairy tales,
  • myths,
  • and legends.

Our instructors show you how to “come alongside” your writer, providing the necessary support to enable him to twist those tales into new stories. Imagine the feeling a child experiences when his stories are not only written down but also shared at dinner and put in the morning basket for a regular rereading. Your kids will soon know that they are authors!

Brave Writer classes help you establish writing routines and a language-rich household where words become fodder for play and experimentation.

Here’s what our parents have to say:

My son surprised me with how well he absorbed the elements of a fairy tale and how confidently he was able to write his own fairy tale in week 4 of the class using so many of the fairy tale elements we learnt during the class. I am very impressed with the “Switcheroo” process – trust the process. Thanks Jen for an amazing course. The activities in this course were very effective and engaging. My sons loved it and so did I. We had lots of fun and laughs. My sons and I bonded so much and I was able to connect with them. Thank you very much!! -Anna

The class is full of amazing ideas for how to promote storytelling in natural, amusing, and imaginative ways. You don’t have to think of storytelling as starting from scratch – a blank canvas. Instead, you can use stories that you already know and transform them into new and often hilarious stories of your own. -Elizabeth

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