Brave Writer Lifestyle: Celebrate

Brave Writer Lifestyle Celebrate

This month’s Brave Writer Lifestyle focus is: Celebrate!

Congratulations! You’ve lived a year of the Brave Writer Lifestyle! Well done: trying activities, applying slogans or suggestions. So important to pause, and take stock. This is your month to relax from effort, to appreciate your willingness to dive into a lifestyle and make it part of your own routine.

For December, I thought I’d “flip the script” on you.

This month, you should be curled up in a furry blanket knitting next to the fire. Therefore, I do not have a set of hand-lettered tips for you to implement in December.

Instead, I charge you to create your own hand-lettered celebration page!

Hang it in your office or on your kitchen bulletin board to remind you that you at least attempted to implement some of the ideas I shared this year.

Easy Hack: Make a bullet list that highlights your favorite activities—those suggestions that went well with your family.

Then, will you share it with me? You can send it to or tag me on Instagram: @juliebravewriter

I would love to see how you honor your efforts this year.


I’ll be honest: learning how to hand-letter was a lot more challenging than I expected and I did it a lot less well than I thought I would! Isn’t that how it goes when you learn a new skill? Except I never think that will be true of me. I expect to be good at the thing instantly. Then I want to give up when I’m not. Because I had a year-long commitment to draw hand-lettered tips and I made that commitment to YOU, I kept at it—persevered past my own lack of skill, and found that I did grow anyway. #wow

So: here’s a gentle push to recognize your own growth this year! Then share with me what you create.

Happy Holidays!

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