December in the Alliance: Partnering with Your Teens for a Great Future

Brave Writer Homeschool Alliance December 2018

I’ve got a treat for you!

My adult daughter, Johannah, is joining us in the Homeschool Alliance during the month of December. She is a life coach who works with young adults to help them dream big and find their way into purpose-filled lives! She’s bringing that skill and energy to our Alliance members so that parents can use coaching tools to help teens find their way into big bold lives!

December is a great time to discover the Homeschool Alliance. We’ll talk about the upcoming semester and you can listen to all of our pre-recorded webinars and audio lectures as you wrap gifts, stuff a turkey, or decorate a mantel. The Homeschool Alliance has four years worth of material ranging from parenting to school subjects to extra curricular activities to self-care. Truly: there’s no place like it online for homeschoolers.

Join us for what we like to call: “Grad School for Home School!”

Here’s what one of our members says:

The HSA could create a sea change (and is) in the the homeschool community. The volume of wisdom, non-judgmental support and the joy of learning for homeschooling parents that is encouraged is a game changer for any new or old homeschooler. The HSA requires us to “go first” without us even realizing it at first.

By merely participating we practice what you preach for our homeschool. From our learning and support blooms a healthy homeschool from the center outward. It influences home education, family dynamics, individuals and society the same way healthy parenting does. The HSA is truly a gift and I know it’s a labor of love for all of you.


Take a look at what the Alliance has to offer. All the good stuff will be open to you. Think of it as your best online resource for everything you need to feel good about the home education you are providing to your kids.

We offer so many tools to help you:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Free digital copies of Julie’s books (A Gracious Space)
  • A library of resources to educate you about parenting, school subjects, family dynamics, and extracurricular activities
  • Julie’s coaching tools to help you evaluate this year and plan next year
  • A discussion board to meet other Homeschool Alliance members and to receive coaching
  • 10% OFF discount code to use on all Brave Writer products!

…and so much more!

The Alliance: Grad School for Home School

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