November 2018: Blog Roundup

Brave Writer November 2018 Roundup

Welcome to the latest blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle, including Shakespeare which is the theme for November!

Why We’re Going Back to Brave Writer – Erika (Miles of Highway)

“Last year we began the year with a focus on literature, copywork and dictation for the basis of our language arts. [But] at some point in our year I became insecure and wondered if we were truly doing enough. [My son] began to moan about language arts like he never had before when our focus was on literature, copywork, and dictation. […] Here are my top reasons for going back to Brave Writer this year with full confidence that this is what is right for us…” Read more

Five Basic Tools You Need to Start Freewriting And Encourage a Reluctant Writer – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

“I had to come up with something new to get their creative juices flowing and to keep the meltdowns at a minimum. It was about that time that I was introduced to Brave Writer. This relaxed homeschooling lifestyle appealed to the beleaguered homeschool mom in me, and the writing philosophy was so different that I thought that it just might work.” Read more

Shakespeare in Spring: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Shakespeare in Elementary and Middle School – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

“[A] fabulous resource is Brave Writer’s Shakespeare Family Workshop. Because it’s a family workshop, all of your children (and even mom and dad) can participate in the class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and the class was easy to follow. It is teacher-led with hands-on activities in a five-week workshop (perfect for Shakespeare in Spring!). My kids especially loved building a replica of The Globe theater.” Read more

Reading Shakespeare’s Plays with My Kids – Mary (Not Before 7)

“The words and the language of Shakespeare’s plays can be intimidating for kids, and let’s face it, most adults as well. Do not let that stop you from tackling this subject with your younger students. They can learn to appreciate, enjoy, and perhaps even fall in love with the world of Shakespeare.” Read more

Shakespeare for Kids: Introducing the Bard to My Babies – Mary (Not Before 7)

“To support our efforts and my plan at home, we signed up for a Brave Writer Shakespeare class. This class is offered to the whole family for one price. We all participate in the assignments under one registration. So far the class has been a lot of fun and very informative. The material supports and encourages my efforts at home.” Read more

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