Brave Writer Podcast: Making Money as a Mom and Homeschooler

Brave Writer Podcast Making Money as a Mom and Homeschooler

Do you wonder if it’s okay to earn money on the side while homeschooling? Are you skilled in some way but don’t know how to monetize it? Would it help your family to know that there was a stream of income that could pay for the extras like lacrosse gear or a field trip to Williamsburg?

These were the questions I asked myself that drove me to find ways to earn extra money while homeschooling. I didn’t launch a full-fledged business right out of the gate. In fact, my first income came from freelance work as a ghost-writer and editor of PhD dissertations.

In this episode, I give you some tips for how to go about adding additional money to your strapped finances without crushing your homeschool under the weight of too much work.

The first thing we need to address is the mindset.

Right off the bat, know that it’s okay to want to earn money! You’re not a bad homeschooler, you’re not a bad spouse, you’re not less devoted to your children, you’re not overly materialistic.

Now, you have the freedom to decide whether you want to do that, and it’s okay to decide you don’t – but it is YOUR choice!

The 4 keys to earning money while homeschooling:

  1. Determine your skills. You may be wondering, what is it that I’m going to do? Well, this probably isn’t the right time to reinvent the wheel. Consider the things you’re already good at it and use that as a starting point – work doesn’t have to be something difficult or something you don’t want to do!
  2. Get good at your skills. You deserve a little time away from your family to devote to yourself, and that’s how you’ll grow as the human being you were born to be. You need it, you deserve it – all you need to do is take it!
  3. Give your skills away. You can start getting some work experience by volunteering your skills. And if you’re pursuing something you like to do, this should be fun!
  4. Start charging money! Pricing is always a challenge, and you can do some research but, ultimately, you may end up having to sort of make a guess and pick a number. But people, particularly women, often undervalue themselves – so start with the number that sounds right to you and then double it!

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