Brave Writer Podcast: How to Be Your Child’s Partner in Writing

How to Be Your Child's Partner in Writing

After working with parents for years, we have learned that there is often a reluctance to give your own efforts to your child’s writing.

But kids with parents who are involved in their education get better grades, and as a result, they feel more successful – and children who receive no support end up performing worse.

This podcast episode will help support you as you support your kids, so that they can be their best academic selves.

Partnering with Your Child

Parental involvement in education is what produces the greatest results in children!

It’s easy to understand why this happens in a traditional school environment with one teacher for 20 or more kids. All that teacher can see is the final result of effort, and they have no way of knowing who contributed what amounts of effort.

But you aren’t in a traditional school environment – and you have a front-row seat to your children’s development! You can see exactly what they contribute, and you know when you help them structure or sentence or add in a vocabulary word; you know what is their effort and what is your combined efforts.

So just kick that fear out of your brain and embrace involvement in your children’s writing education – collaboration in writing is a gift, and you have both the responsibility and ability to give that gift to your child so that you can mentor them into the writing experience!

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