September in the Homeschool Alliance with Leslie Hershberger

Sept in the Alliance 2018 with Leslie Hershberger

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside the heads of your children to understand how they see the world? It would make helping them learn so much easier!

My friend and colleague, Leslie Hershberger, is coming to the Homeschool Alliance to work her magic. She is a professional relationship consultant! She works with families and corporations to help everyone get along more peaceably, to gain empathy, and to understand the varieties of ways we each function.

Leslie is an international speaker and writer. She’s an expert on the Enneagram and Integral Spiral Dynamics. I’ve invited her to join us to talk about “Three-Centered Living.” How do we engage our minds, hearts, and bodies to learn? How do we cater to our children’s natural inclination to one style of learning over another?

If you’re stumped about how to reach that one child, this is the perfect month to unlock the mystery!

We’d love to have you! Join us!

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