Blog Roundup – August: Language Games

Brave Writer Roundup August 2018 Language Games

Welcome to the latest blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle!

This roundup in particular is special because August is for Language Games here at Brave Writer.

Pooh Picnic ~ The House at Pooh Corner Nature Book Club – Hide the Chocolate

While we were snacking we talked about the book and what we enjoyed. We used The House at Pooh Corner Arrow from Brave Writer during the month. In the Literary Elements sections, fun activities with synonyms are listed. They make a great writing activity. Read more

Playing With Language: Language Arts Games for Middle School – You Really Can Homeschool

There’s this “game” we play now. When my kiddo was little, every time she saw an airplane she would point and shout, “AIRPLANE.” She’s (mostly) gotten over shouting about airplanes, but it’s turned into shouting about language arts. It started with Brave Writer Arrows. They each feature grammar, and a literary element. When we start an Arrow we take note of the grammar and literary element, and look for it throughout the book. When we see/hear it (depending if we’re reading or listening to the audiobook) we shout it out. So if the literary element is alliteration, every time we would hear alliteration in the book we’d shout “ALLITERATION.” Read more

20+ Fantastic Reading and Language Arts Games – My Little Poppies

I’m sharing our family’s favorite reading and language arts games. Playing with language is a huge part of the Brave Writer Lifestyle! These are games that are not only fun, but also boost those all-important literacy, oral language, and written language skills! Read more

Playing with Language Games Your Kids Will Love – Nourishing My Scholar

Did you know that Brave Writer encourages playing with language? Brave Writer understands that there is much to be gained through gameplay rather than always relying on boring workbooks. Playing language games helps my kids with literacy, oral language, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Plus they are tons of fun and a great addition to our language arts lessons. Read more

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