The Redesigned Quiver!

Quiver Redesign

Our Arrow Program has a younger sister: Quiver of Arrows. The Quiver was designed for kids in first and second grades—new readers, new handwriters. It includes the same content structure as the Arrow, but the passages are shorter and the grammar is woven into the discussion of each week’s passage.

The Quiver features what we call French-Style Dictation pages as well (the regular Arrow does not). We explain this unique dictation process in the Guidelines that come with every purchase of a Quiver Arrow.

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve redesigned our popular Quiver of Arrows product! It now matches the Arrow design and while we were at it, we decided to toss in the Book Club Party School ideas for each guide, too!

Here are the titles we feature in the Quiver program* (books not included):

*If you already purchased the Quiver from us, you will receive the updates as a courtesy from us at no extra expense.

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