Podcast: Brain-Based Learning Pt. 2

Brain-Based Learning

The magic keys to learning are already in your possession!

This week I address the second set of principles that help your children not only love learning but retain what they learn. Tune in!

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What’s going on inside the brains of good learners?

  • Learning involves both focused attention and peripheral perception. Sometimes, when we’re deep diving into a subject, we can give our full attention to it. But even while doing that, part of our awareness is still occurring. Because of the multi-tasking involved with technology, our kids tend to be really good at this. So even while driving the car, hanging out on the back deck, or playing games in the living room, they’re picking up on what’s going on around them – so make the environment around them positive!
  • Learning always involves conscious AND unconscious processes. In addition to the information we consciously imprint on your children through lessons and programs, there is a hidden, always present, unconscious process: the vibe of the family. Is it a safe place for academic risk, a space where people are gentle and generous, or a space where you can challenge authority? These contribute to the atmosphere of learning.
  • There are two kinds of memory involved in learning: spatial memory and a set of systems for rote learning. Through spatial learning, you are creating a visual structure as a way to trace back your understanding, and the most obvious version of this is the way we sort information spatially. Rote learning involves figuring the sequences that lead to a specific end, like learning the rules to a game.
  • Learning is developmental; it is tied to the person. It is not based on, as many schools structure their learning, scope & sequence. Learning has nothing to do with your grade level, but instead your stage of development.
  • Each brain is uniquely organized, and every person learns in a different way. The more children you have, the sooner you will see this first hand!

Brain-Based Learning Part One

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