Podcast BONUS EPISODE: Brain Breaks with Joshua MacNeill

Bonus Podcast with Joshua MacNeill

Today on the podcast we learn more about the developing brain so that we, as parents and home educators, can incorporate brain-based practices into our family’s lives. Our guest for this episode is Joshua MacNeill, Director of Lakeside’s NeuroLogic Initiative and an expert in trauma-informed education.

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We know the early years are crucial when it comes to a child’s development – but do you know, specifically, how it affects the brain?

For example, in the first year of life, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second. Adversity impairs these new connections, and the greater the adversity a child faces, the greater the odds of a delay in their cognitive, language, or emotional development.

Joshua MacNeill podcast

You can find more of Joshua’s fun and practical brain break ideas in his book, 101 Brain Breaks & Educational Activities. Joshua has a pro tip for using the book: don’t get hung up on the details. Even if it doesn’t seem to go exactly how you plan or expect, it’s likely still going to be beneficial for your children.

Also join Josh in the Homeschool Alliance in March for a wonderful webinar featuring his ground-breaking ideas. He’ll take your questions and teach you how to use these brain breaks. Sign up for our 7-Day Free Trial and be ready to go in March when we hold the webinar. Can’t wait for you to see all the research and resources he has to offer us.

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