Poetry Teatime Winter Update

Poetry Teatime Roundup

One of our favorite parts of the Brave Writer lifestyle is the practice of Poetry Teatime. The idea is easy: brew a pot of tea, pull out a book of poetry, gather the family together, and have each person share some poems! Teatime allows you to slow down and take a deep breath even when life is at its craziest.

Here are some of our favorite recent posts from the Poetry Teatime blog. You’ll find:

  • Epics from around the world
  • Cold remedies for all your teatime coughs and sniffles
  • Help for reading and writing haikus
  • Dragons of all shapes and sizes
  • An interview with award-winning children’s poet and illustrator Betsy Snyder

Learn About Epic Poetry: Imagine a type of poetry found in ancient cultures all over the world, detailing the most exciting heroic struggles and achievements imaginable. Epic poems do just that! Epics can be found in cultures as far apart as Kenya, India, and Finland. So get your myth-reading voices ready, because you’re about to be swept into a dangerous journey full of daring heroes, perilous quests, and the hope of victory!

Poetry Teatime Roundup 2

Tea for Colds: It’s currently cold season, when sniffles and runny noses abound. Grab your tissue box and set some water to boil for this teatime featuring all sorts of teas and snacks to help you feel better.

All About Haikus: What’s a haiku? It’s a moment in time captured in three short lines of poetry. It’s the instant before a bird lands on the surface of a still pond. It’s the curl of wind that nudges a single leaf aside and lets a gleam of sunlight through. It’s the ribbon of cloud that crosses a full moon. Haikus give us a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

Dragon Themed Teatime: Lions, tigers, and dragons, oh my! In this dragon-teatime, take a journey to distant lands, where fire-breathing creatures roam freely and magic lurks around every cup of tea. So gather your golden coins, prepare your riddling powers, and breathe in the curls of steam from the visiting dragons!

Poet Interview: Betsy Snyder: Last month we were excited to welcome to Poetry Teatime the wonderfully creative children’s poet and illustrator, Betsy Snyder. After illustrating everything from greeting cards to children’s books, Betsy shifted gears and started writing and illustrating her own books. Her first few books introduce haikus to the very young, and she’s been busy working with sounds and images ever since!

Poetry Teatime

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