Brave Writer Lifestyle: Read Aloud

Brave Writer Lifestyle Read Aloud

We’re focusing on reading aloud in January!

Story-telling is as old as human conversation. For centuries, families and communities have gathered to listen to an orator tell stories, recite epic ballads, and recount the history of their group.

In the modern world, we use a variety of vehicles for story-telling including television, film, and live theater. The most accessible way to share stories, though, is through reading books to your children.

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BWL Read Aloud

2018 Themes

January: Read Aloud
February: TV & Film
March: Big, Juicy Conversations
April: Poetry Teatime
May: Art Appreciation
June: Nature Journaling
July: One on One Time
August: Language Games
September: Copywork
October: Freewriting
November: Shakespeare
December: Celebrate!

Brave Writer Calendar

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I recommend a practice I call: Planning from Behind. You can keep a list of possible activities for the month, and when you do them, simply record them on the calendar (no need to plan ahead). This style of planning reduces your stress and puts you on the alert for opportunities to implement rather than guilt that you missed the scheduled time.

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