A New Alliance for a New Year

A new Homeschool Alliance for the new year!

The Homeschool Alliance is All New in 2018!

While you’ve been busy homeschooling your kids, we’ve been busy redesigning the entire platform for the Homeschool Alliance—and it is GORGEOUS!

We’re moving the Alliance onto the Brave Writer website AND it will be streamlined for ease of use, conversation, and study.

→ Go take a peek right now!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • One discussion board for all our conversations (easy to navigate)
  • A stocked library of amazing teachings (video, audio, readings) ranging from personal enrichment to the science of learning to family life (and more!—over two years’ worth of monthly courses)
  • A year of self care support emails whether you join for a month or all twelve
  • Monthly webinars with Julie, Stephanie, and Jeanne (the coaches!) with an easy to find LIVE button to make participating in the webinars as simple as a click of the mouse!
  • An archive of homeschool enrichment activities plus brand new activities every month!
  • Julie’s Coaching Notebook (Free downloads worth $50 to help you homeschool with power!)
  • Personal attention for your struggles, questions, and needs in Community Coaching by our members and official coaching staff (Stephanie and Jeanne—veteran homeschoolers with over 50 years combined experience as homeschool mothers and leaders)

The Homeschool Alliance

In other words: the awesome is on its way to you!

Enrollment will open on January 1, 2018 with a special offer for those who jump in as we launch the new site (reduced prices through January 31).

I’ll be sharing a lot more via Facebook LIVE and Instagram LIVE (be sure to follow for notifications).

If you are a current Alliance member, there is a new post in the Master Class all about the transition just for you!

January’s Theme: Rediscover a Love of Learning

Join us as we explore how to cultivate a love of learning in your family as you round the bend into the new year! We’ll look at some of the principles found in the Finnish approach to education, and we’ll discuss how to create a home context for your kids to find and own their passions!

We’ve got a webinar planned as well as an audio lecture to be released later in the month, and several readings. Can’t wait to help you GROW as a home educator.

Seriously excited about the future of the Homeschool Alliance!

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