Learning to Trust Yourself, Your Child, & the Process with Stephanie Elms

Brave Shift Podcast S3E9 Stephanie Elms

Today’s episode will help you learn to trust! As our podcast guest Stephanie likes to quote, “There are no educational emergencies.” We can start with our kids wherever they are, just as they are.

Stephanie Elms is a 15 year homeschool veteran and our senior homeschool coach in the Brave Learner Home. She helps parents find their footing and keep it in this long, challenging, wonderful journey.

Episode 9: Stephanie Elms

Stephanie and I met when she invited me to be a part of the Virginia Homeschoolers’ conference. I knew right away we were kindred spirits. Stephanie has homeschooled her two sons with kindness, intuition, and a hefty dose of trust. Her insight in the Homeschool Alliance is so popular, one member said, “If you close the Alliance, I’m going to have to have Stephanie on speed dial. I can’t get by without her!”

Today’s podcast gives you a chance to get to know Stephanie and her heart for helping homeschool parents live their best lives. Enjoy!

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