Podcast: The Homeschooling Paradigm Shift with Rita Cevasco

Podcast S3E7 Rita Cevasco

Today’s podcast features Brave Writer colleague and dear friend, Rita Cevasco!

Rita is the original creator and architect of the reading and writing program, The Wand, designed for early readers. She’s got 30+ years of experience working with children who struggle with reading, writing, and language processing challenges.

In this episode, we talk about

  • homeschooling,
  • the latest trends in special ed,
  • and how to help foster the right environment for your children to flourish in language arts.

This is a long, joyful conversation filled with practical tips and helpful anecdotes!

Rita and associates have their own website called Rooted in Language. You’ll find all kinds of workshops and tools to help you face the challenges in your homeschool. I was so excited about one of them, we are now selling it through the Brave Writer store!

For years, Brave Writer fans have asked me to write a Glossary of Literary Elements. Rita has done it, saving me time and energy. And it’s great! This tool includes an annotation bookmark that is genius! So clever and useful for reading.

Annotating Literary Elements

Laying a Path: Annotating literary Elements

I met Rita at our local homeschool co-op 17 years go. Her passion for literature and mine for writing created an instant bond. We discovered that my ideas about writing and hers about reading complemented each other’s work. We teamed up again and again over the years, including when she privately tutored my son Liam who struggled with symptoms of dysgraphia.

What I love about Rita is her spunk, her dedication to seeing all children receive the precious gift of literacy, and the way she values homeschool mothers. She told me years ago they were her favorites to work with because they always took her suggested practices and went straight home to implement them with their kids.

If you don’t know Rita yet, or even if you do, tune in! We had a great conversation on the podcast!

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