How to Be an Awesome Adult with Christy Thomas

Brave Shift Podcast S3E5 Christy Thomas

Today’s podcast features homeschool mom and awesome adult Christy Thomas! Christy came on my radar when I noticed that she did such a great job of selfcare and making personal growth a priority. She’s a stellar homeschool mama who helps other parents prioritize fun, play, and connection in their relationships with their kids.

Episode 5: Christy Thomas

Christy is a homeschool mother of three, military wife, daily runner, and co-founder of the popular community Play4Life Moms! Her mission: bring play and joy into the homeschool experience. This episode discusses how you can not only homeschool but be an awesome adult in your own right—growing, learning, and expanding as a person right along with your children.

I can’t wait for you to meet her!

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