October in the Homeschool Alliance: Rethink Motivation

October in the Homeschool Alliance: Rethink Motivation

Who among us hasn’t worried at times about our kids’ motivation?

If your days sometime feel like a struggle to pull your kid through the learning process, then October in the The Homeschool Alliance is for you! Join us as we “Rethink Motivation” and explore how we can let go of our fears for our kids and utilize their own inherent interests and desires to help them become engaged in the world around them.

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We’ll explore ideas from Gretchen Rubin’s new book, The Four Tendencies, to gain insights into our kids and consider the myriad of other factors that come into play when it comes to motivation. Learn how you can work with your children to get things done, instead of feeling as if you are constantly working against them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn a little bit about yourself in the process!

Our live webinars are great fun and a wonderful opportunity to ask all your specific questions about your particular kids.

Join us in October! You can join any time and leave any time. We will support you as we hash out parenting, learning, and living this lifestyle we call homeschooling.

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