Kidswrite Basic has a NEW Name

Kidswrite Basic is now The Writer's Jungle Online
Kidswrite Basic (our foundational class) has a new name—

The Writer’s Jungle Online

The content of this class is identical to Kidswrite Basic. The Writer’s Jungle Online covers the first nine chapters of The Writer’s Jungle manual providing you, the parent, with coaching, gentle accountability, and a space for your young writers to grow.

You do not need to purchase The Writer’s Jungle to participate. The information from the manual is provided to you in class. That said, if you have the manual and struggle to use it, this is a GREAT class to help you follow through on your best intentions for writing.

Why Take an Online Writing Class?

Great question!

Brave Writer is unique in the world of online writing classes. We focus on the writing voice of your child by giving personal, kind, supportive attention to each student.

Our instructors provide your children with the kind of reader responses that help your child to feel read not corrected. Not your “English teacher” margin notes: “Unclear” or “Awkward.” Rather, our instructors conduct a conversation with the student about the writing, sharing how the writing impacted them as readers.

Students will get comments like these (taken from one of our Writer’s Jungle Online classes):

I’m so excited to play with you in your world of sugar. I’ll suggest and comment, and when you decide you’re satisfied, you get to declare this one finished. Okay, off I go into your world! So, one thing to look for is an Opening Hook. Your first two sentences grab the reader. Your third sentence is where you might want to start to fiddle…

Our goal is to help students grow as writers—to learn how

  • to expand their ideas,
  • to enrich their content,
  • to polish their presentation of their viewpoint.

We respond to what they offer, we don’t correct it. That’s what makes this process pain-free and supportive rather than the “cling to your fragile ego by your fingernails” experience so often revision feedback can be.

Each writing class is designed for maximum writing support. Students get to read the writing of other students and the instructor interaction with everyone in the class. This creates a “writing workshop” environment where supporting one another and learning together is maximized.

Because all of the classes are conducted through writing (through posts), students learn to put their thoughts into writing naturally, easily. They discover that they do have things to say and they come ready to write those thoughts. Instructors bring their enthusiastic, happy, insightful energy to the students.

The result? Kids who find their writing voices and discover their own writing power!

We’ve got a wide variety of classes so be sure to check them out. If you need help selecting a class, drop us a line (

2017 Fall Writing Class Schedule

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