2017 Fall Writing Class Schedule

Brave Writer 2017 Fall Online Writing Classes

2017 Fall Writing Class Schedule

Brave Writer is all about personal investment and connection. Our instructors give you a deep commitment of time, and gentle instruction that leads to happy, improved writers.

Our writing classes are built from the workshop, writing support group model.

  • Each participant is valued as a person, not just as a student.
  • Writing feedback is detailed, friendly, and thorough.
  • Our instructors recognize that they have a sacred trust with your children and they aim to ensure that each student feels heard, read, and supported in deepening both skill and insight in his or her writing.

See which of these luscious treats you or your kids find appealing:

Core Classes

Kidswrite Basic (The parent is the student.)

Kidswrite Intermediate

Early Elementary

Just So Stories

Story Switcheroo

Older Elementary / Middle School+

Comic Strip Capers

Journaling Jumpstart

Middle School Writing Projects

Penning the Past

Skip into Science

Writing a Greek Myth

Write for Fun: Dream Big

Write for Fun: Fly High

Write for Fun: Go Wild

Writing the Short Story

Family Classes

Groovy Grammar

Nature Journaling

Playing with Poetry

Shakespeare Family Workshop

High School

Brave Writer high school writing classes equal about a 1/4 of a year’s credit for composition/English.

Advanced Composition 1

College Admissions Essay

Expository Essay Class: Exploratory & Persuasive

Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique & Analysis

High School Writing Projects

MLA Research Essay

SAT/ACT Essay Class

As always, feel free to email Brave Writer or contact us via the online chat option to help you determine which classes would be best for your kids and you!

Fall Class Registration opens Noon EDT on July 31 
(Set your alarm clocks!)

Fall is a great time to JUMP into Brave Writer online writing classes. The new school year has such good energy, you know? If you want to reboot your homeschool experience of writing, let us help you!

Summer session is currently registering.
(many classes are full)

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