The BW Gazette

The BW Gazette

The Brave Writer Gazette!

This Brave Writer student publication showcases the work of the students from The Scoop: The Art of Journalism, our journalism online class for teens!

In the four-week course, students

  • learned about the elements of reporting and news writing as they evaluated the newsworthiness of stories,
  • interviewed sources, crafted “leads” and “nutgraphs,”
  • chose supporting quotes and so much more!

The Scoop online class is taught by Samantha Burtner, who is our first Brave Writer student to return as an instructor!

Samantha is an enthusiastic journalist, writer, and editor who appreciates the fine nuances of language, the demanding details of grammar, and the beauty of clear and concise prose.
BW Gazette From one of our students:

Dear Ms. Samantha,

Thank you so much for the greatest class ever, and getting everybody’s articles published in The BW Gazette. (Please get another journalism class going!)

So happy to see my article in print, and I’m currently working on getting it into another homeschool magazine. (Hopefully….)

Did I say I was so happy? I am ecstatic right now!!!!!!

Yay. Thank you.


We are proud of what our Brave Writer students have accomplished! Please feel free to check out their work!

Note: The views expressed in The BW Gazette articles are not necessarily those of Brave Writer.

The Scoop: The Art of Journalism

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