The Homeschool Alliance May 2017: Year-End Assessment

May in The Homeschool Alliance: Year-End Assessment

Ack! It’s the end of the homeschool year and you want to know: Did I get it right? Have my children made the right kind of progress? How do I know I’m on track?

You’re not alone. May is when I did my “panic-purchases”—the temptation to load up on other, newer, better-er stuff for fall since I somehow botched science (again).

I learned over the years to change how I assessed my kids and my own work as a home educator. We’re going to explore some of those methods in May in The Homeschool Alliance, my online homeschool coaching community.

What I came to see is that the long, slow work of home education can be detected, validated, and valued. I also discovered how to think differently about the subjects where I had not made the kind of progress I had hoped. I also got over my need to “binge-spend” as a way to assuage my, ahem, guilt.

Key questions we’ll answer:

  • How do I know my child is at grade level?
  • What about state requirements?
  • How can I prepare for year-end testing or narratives?
  • What are healthy ways to give children a sense of their own progress and growth?
  • What about grades? Do we need them? How do I give them?

I’ll help you learn how to

  • think about assessment through the lens of learning, rather than achievement
  • prepare a portfolio that showcases your child’s accomplishments
  • create a “show-and-tell” night that celebrates your children’s year
  • share the sense of accomplishment with your kids
  • give tokens of celebration to each child

It’s going to be a wonderful month of celebration rather than end-of-the-year handwringing. We’ll have our usual monthly live webinar too, so you can ask me your questions and listen to conversation about this past year. Can’t wait to hear about all you’ve done and to tell you how awesome you are!

Each month in the Alliance we deep dive into a topic to empower your homeschool. You can join any time and leave any time. We hold monthly web chats with me and Stephanie Elms, our other coach, where we hash out stuff about parenting, credits, teaching, and more.

Check out for details and give us a try this month!

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