Blog Roundup: April 2017

Brave Writer April 2017 Blog Roundup

Welcome to the latest blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle!

How my dyslexic son became a writer – Shawna, Not the Former Things

I had been so focused on the mechanical aspects of writing that I had inadvertently limited my son. My eleven-year-old son, who can barely read at a second-grade level and struggles to put a single word on paper, is more of a writer than I ever was at his age. He is dyslexic, yes. He is dysgraphic, yes. And he is also a writer.

Protecting writing for our kids – Kara Anderson

When my daughter first approached me about starting a blog, I understood where her request was coming from. Both of her parents are write-for-the-fun-of-it people. […] Blogging has been a part of her world for as long as she can remember. I had a few reservations, though – mostly the same ones I had when I started my own blog – privacy, mainly, and the fact that the Internet can be a mean place.

Green Ember Book Club – Mary, Not Before 7

The Green Ember trilogy by S. D. Smith was selected as an Arrow Book title through Brave Writer this year.  Our family began the series with the first book, The Green Ember, and we listened together on audible. I’ll admit that it was a slow start for me but once the action and adventure kicked in, we were engaged until the exciting, cliff-hanger ending.

Brave Writer Arrow Guides Review – Mary, Not Before 7

Language arts felt so jumpy and disconnected in our homeschool.   And I felt so tired.  I didn’t want to swing like Tarzan from topic to topic anymore, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. So I did what any homeschool mom does.  I googled.  And I googled.  And I googled.  I knew I could find a program that would help me teach Language Arts as a cohesive set of skills for communication.  I knew I could find a guide to take us into the world language and communication. And I was ready to drop my Tarzan rope.

How we use Brave Writer’s Partnership Writing program – Alicia Hutchinson

We have been using (and loving) Brave Writer’s Partnership Writing this year with my 3rd and 5th grader. But. Can I tell you a secret? Something that would make every good homeschool mom aghast? Are you ready? Here goes: Until last year, I never ever did a writing program with my kids at home.

Our family’s Brave Writer Lifestyle routine – Alicia Hutchinson

When I discovered Brave Writer curriculum a little over a year ago, I was unaware at all that “Brave Writer” entailed. […]  There is so much information in The Writer’s Jungle and on the BW site, that frankly, trying to wrap my brain around it all was overwhelming at first. But when I did….oh, then.

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